Startbucks olive oil coffees, USA sanctions to Russia, US home sales decline, Microsoft vs Sony, Twitter Opensource, Spotify losses.
China new weapon, Elon Salary, Secure your Twitter,
Food Prices Increase, Elon Musk on ChatGPT, Amazon ask employees to come office, iPhone 15 Pro, Huawei Watch Buds, Windows 11 on Mac, Altcoin 38% up.
MSU kills, Biden cut the U.S. deficit by $2 Trillion, Tesla Job cuts, Paramount + hike prices, Bitcoin $25K, Wall Street Bets and more....
Shooting at Michigan State University, Nikki Presidential Run, Ford F150 halt, Boeing 200 flights to India, Samsung vs Apple, Meta Layoffs.
China's new air balloon, Ford $3.1 Billion battery factory, No Kids in restaurant, Twitter biggest Bug, Amazon Automated Car, Samsung Watch 5, Gold…
Google Stock Down 8%, SpaceX 33 star ship engine test, Disney Job cuts, Twitter 4000 character limit, TikTok Food delivery, ChatGPT vs Alibaba.
More Spy balloon in Trump Admin, 2nd spy balloon, BBBY stock raise up 92%, Binance US stop, Microsoft ChatGPT vs Google Brad.
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